The middle of my hair was thinning and I decided to use the Growth Treatment Oil.  Being a man, I only needed a little bit, but I also decided to try it on my beard.  For years, I’ve had a gap where my beard wouldn’t connect to my sideburns.  After about two weeks, the gap disappeared and my hair filled back in the middle.”  L.S., Virginia

 “I only wear wigs because my hair has been thinning for years.  I tried the Growth Treatment Oil and my hair not only thickened up in the areas where it was really thin, it began to grow.”  B.E., Richmond, VA

“I’m on medications to treat cancer.  Prior to using the Growth Treatment Oil, my hair was falling out by the handful.  While I’m not experiencing any new growth, my hair is no longer falling out.  I’m just pleased that unlike many others, I’m not bald.”  A.B., Virginia

“Being natural, I have difficulty managing my hair.  The Natural Hair Growth Stimulating Oil prevents the frizzing and actually makes my hair straight.  People think my hair is relaxed!”  P.S., Chesterfield, VA

 “I was self-conscious about a bald spot I had in the middle of my hair, but with the way I style my hair, no one can tell it exists.  I began using the Growth Treatment Oil and within a month, the spot was gone completely.  I gave the oil to my parents and my father, who has been bald for more than thirty years, started experiencing hair growth!  My mother also uses it and loves the way it makes her hair grow and how soft and manageable her hair is now.”  W.B., Midlothian, VA

 “As a Lupus patient, I go through bouts where my hair will fall out due to the medications I have to take, plus the disease itself.  After I began using the Natural Hair Growth Stimulating Oil as part of my daily regimen, my hair loss stopped and in fact, my hair began to grow!”  A.P., Suffolk, VA

 “I have a client whose dandruff was really, really bad.  She always complained of the itching and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the dandruff under control.  I took a chance and tried the Growth Treatment Oil for Dry, Itchy Scalp on her and after one application, I noticed that the dandruff was almost completely gone one week later.  She bought the oil from me and uses it regularly.  She has no more itching and no more dandruff.”  R.B., Petersburg, VA

“I lost my hair about twenty years ago. I didn’t lose some of my hair, I lost all of it. As a man, my ego was bruised. I started receding when I was in my 20’s. I tried your Growth Treatment Oil and after about a month, my daughter mentioned that I looked different. My hair started to grow back! I am a true believer in what God can do! Restoration is possible!”   G.C.

“I wear wigs all the time because I have bald patches. Well, I used to have bald patches. I’m going to give up the wigs because my hair has grown in those spots. I’m a customer for life.” M.E.

“As I’ve gotten older, my hair started thinning at the temples. Based on your recommendations, I used the Growth Treatment Oil and within one week, my hair was restored.” V.H.

“I lost my hair right in the middle of my scalp. I can cover it up because the rest of my hair is long. I’ve tried everything but nothing seemed to work. My hair loss was related to stress. I tried the Natural Hair Growth Stimulating Oil and my hair started growing back within two weeks. That spot that would never grow is now gone!” K.H.

“My husband was balding and didn’t want to accept losing his hair. I decided to try the Growth Treatment Oil on him. I massaged it into his scalp daily, just like you told me, and his hair began to grow back.”

“Stress from my pregnancies always causes me to lose my hair. I used the Natural Hair Growth Stimulating Oil and within one week, I had new growth in those bald areas.” J.S.

“I had some thinning at the temples and started to get the George Jefferson look. I’m too young for that, so after talking with Debra Johnson, I decided to try the Growth Treatment Oil. She told me that it’s worked for some men, so I figured I’d try it too. Not only did my hair grow back in, I decided to use it on my face because I’ve never been able to grow a beard. I now have a full beard. This stuff works!”